Conversion to environmentally friendly refrigerants. R290a is used for standard ice makers with a refrigerant charge of 150 gr..
Ice makers with larger refrigerant quantities are converted to R449a.


Installation of an ice-maker with a production capacity of 10 tons in 24 hours with refrigerant R717 in the Wessamat technical centre.

Construction of a technical centre at the company site. There, industrial ice productions of hollow cone ice, square ice and tube ice including conveyor technology, storage and packaging will be shown live. Potential customers can thus grasp and "touch" the ice.


First installations of industrial ice makers with square ice cubes and a production capacity of 1,600 kg in 24 hours.


30th company anniversary of Wessamat Eismaschinenfabrik GmbH

Wessamat is awarded 3rd place in the category machines/equipment for its choice as super partner by the GGKA Association among 40 participants Extension of the Cube-Line product line with the IC 135 model for the production of square ice cubes and genuine crushed ice Development and market launch of an innovative and high-performance composite concept for the energy-efficient production of square ice cubes for commercial and industrial applications.



Technical and process-oriented conception and realisation of industrial ice production including ice storage as well as transport and filling systems for a new ice plant in the fish industry.



Extension of the product range by the product group CUBE-Line (machines for square ice cubes).



Successful conclusion of company succession with the appointment of Michael Jäger as the new Managing Director.



Expansion of the range to include the scale ice maker product group For the second time in a row, Wessamat is awarded first place as a Super Partner in the machines / equipment category by the members of the GGKA (German Professional Association for Gastronomy and Industrial Kitchen Equipment)



Delivery of a 20-tonne ice-making plant to the international airport in Doha Supply and commissioning of a 50-tonne plant for the production of ice cubes and crushed ice for Germany’s biggest ice factory in Wuppertal



Supply and commissioning of a 14-tonne ice-making plant for LSG Sky Chefs at Frankfurt International Airport



Acquisition of license production of micro-cube ice-making machines for the production of small ice cubes



Expansion of the range to include the ice flaker product group



Supply and commissioning of a 24-tonne ice-making plant with brine as cooling medium for Emirates Airlines Dubai



Relocation from Mackenbach to Kaiserslautern’s northern industrial estate
Unveiling of the low-budget Smart-Line product line and the new Blue-Line premium product line for users requiring a small quantity of ice cubes



Development of an ice cube maker for installation in exclusive kitchen equipment in private households



Development and launch of the Combi-Line product line for the production of ice cubes and crushed ice



Rudolf Jäger becomes managing director



Development of a patented filling unit with electronic weighing system for the exact filling of ice cubes by weight



Development and launch of the Mega-Line product line with an output of 800 kg or more per day and system components for the stockpiling and bagging of ice cubes



Development of an ice-making system with centrifugal ice making technology, patented worldwide



Expansion of the product range to include ice cube makers with a daily output of 250 kg
Development of an electric ice crusher with patented granulating technology



Foundation of WESSAMAT Eismaschinenfabrik GmbH
Production and sales of ice cube makers with daily outputs of 20 kg - 150 kg

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