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Perfect ice for every occasion.

In almost all areas of gastronomy, catering and canteen services and in the retail sector, the presentation and the storage of food and beverages would be simply unthinkable without ice cubes and other types of ice for food preparation.

The cooling effect of different types of ice is being used ever more intensively in laboratory and medical applications, smoked meats and baked goods production, in the wellness facilities of high-end hotels, spa and sauna establishments and many other areas. Consumer-oriented ice cube makers are also featuring ever more prominently in the design of domestic kitchens.

Classic catering

einsatzgebiet klassische gastronomie
Restaurants, hotels, restaurants, bistros and cafés, in which ice cubes and crushed ice are used in the presentation and cooling of products (external cooling and use of ice cubes in drinks, such as cocktails or to cool soft drinks).

Experience and event catering

einsatzgebiet cocktailbar neu
Discotheques, cocktail bars, bars, amusement parks, where ice is used in large quantities for cooling drinks and which have special requirements for types and quantities of ice.

Public catering

einsatzgebiet grosskueche
Cafeterias in companies, hospitals and public institutions which use ice cubes or crushed ice in the presentation of food and beverages or offer ice cubes as an optional extra in cold drinks.

Fast-food and self-service restaurants

Fast-food restaurants and restaurant chains which add ice cubes to their soft drinks, provide self-service ice cube dispensers in the guest area or cool foods and drinks with ice cubes and crushed ice.

Catering service and event catering

einsatzgebiet partyservice
Companies which stage culinary events or provide products for them and use ice of different types and in various quantities for transport, cooling and storage and as an ingredient in drinks.

In-flight catering

Catering companies (subsidiary or service partner airlines), which provide food and drinks to airlines and require ice in different types and quantities (storage, transport, and as an ingredient in drinks).

Ice factories (commercial ice marketing)

Verpackungsanlage WG
Companies which produce ice cubes and crushed ice in large quantities and fill, store and distribute them in a pre-packaged form.


einsatzgebiet sauna
Hotels, health farms, gymnasiums and health establishments, which use and offer ice micro-cubes and crushed ice in their sauna operations and therapeutic applications.

Laboratory applications

einsatzgebiet labor
Laboratories in industrial enterprises, scientific institutions, institutes and universities which need ice cubes, micro-cube ice, crushed ice or flake ice/scale ice for cooling purposes.

Medical and therapeutic applications

einsatzgebiet therapie
Medical facilities, such as hospitals, university hospitals, and massage facilities, which use and need ice cubes, micro-cube ice or crushed ice for medical or therapeutic applications.       

Smoked meats and baked goods production

einsatzgebiet baekerei
Companies and commercial establishments which use micro-cube ice, flake ice or scale ice in the production of smoked meats or baked goods.

Ice cube makers for private households and fitted kitchens

W20W Schulungsraum
Private users who want to produce ice cubes for their own use (e.g. free-standing table-top devices or special ice cube makers for integration into fitted kitchens).

Food retail, shop counters, fish halls and asparagus producers

einsatzgebiet hummer
Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in various industries which use micro-cube ice cream, crushed ice, flake ice or scale ice for the cooling, storage, transport and presentation of the sale goods.

Asparagus producers   

Asparagus growers and processors who cool the freshly harvested asparagus from the field to the consumer with micro-cube ice cubes or flake ice to keep it crisp and fresh.


Furthermore, new areas of application for ice are constantly being developed. Even if your application is not covered by any of the areas outlined above, please feel free to talk to us. We’re sure to be able to offer you an optimal solution for your specific application.

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