Intelligent ice making system
for the production of square ice cubes

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A combination for ice cubes and crushed ice

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Cost-saving - energy-efficient

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Injection evaporator with removable injection unit

125 kg per day

Ice cube format: 30 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight: approx. 25 g

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Model IC 130 L/ W
with integrated storage container for square ice cubes

Model IC 135 ECL / ECW
with split, integrated reservoir for square ice cubes and crused ice                                                                                        

Ice cold passion.
Square. Of course. Hygienic.

The square ice cube is the classic ice cube and is considered by many bartenders and restaurateurs to be the epitome of the perfect ice cube.

Not only for emotional motives, but also for very "cool reasons" there is a lot to be said for the use of square ice cubes. They have the advantage that they slowly release their melt water when cooling drinks and preparing cocktails and drinks. This means that the taste of the drink is less affected and a long-lasting cooling effect is achieved.

The ice makers of the Cube-Line product line produce hygienically perfect, crystal-clear whole ice cubes in square format with an edge length of 30 x 30 x 30 mm. For this purpose, the available drinking water is injected into the square forms of the evaporator system and frozen into ice cubes.

Now this intelligent concept has been extended even further. With the Cube-Line 135 ECL / ECW you can now produce square whole ice cubes and crushed ice in one machine. Just as you wish!

Ice performance
The IC 130 / 135 ice cube makers produce 125 kg square whole ice cubes (at ambient temperature 15°C, water temperature 10°C for air-cooled version and 20°C for water-cooled version). The capacity of the integrated storage tank on the IC 130 is 60 kg and on the IC 135 a total of 130 kg (65 kg per ice type) with full utilisation of the entire tank volume.

Economic efficiency
The ice preparation system with injection evaporator developed by Wessamat convinces with its low water consumption for ice preparation, which has an extremely positive effect on production costs.

Cooling types
The models are available with air or water cooling as standard. Due to the higher water consumption (cooling water) of the water-cooled version, the use of the air-cooled model is recommended for ambient temperatures of 10°C to 30°C. The air-cooled model is available in two versions.

The air-cooled model of the "Cube-Line" product line can also be prepared for the connection of an external condenser for a small extra charge. Suitable condensers (condensers), incuslive speed governors and mounting brackets can be found in the current product overview under "Accessories". (not available yet)

All models can also be prepared for connection to a central refrigeration system. Prices and delivery times on request.

Further information on the Cube-Line product line can be found here in the current brochure. (not available yet)

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