Particularly convenient and space-saving.
Full ice cones from the ice dispenser.


The ice cube dispenser D 30 EL (floor model) and DT 30 EL (table-top model) are of multiple uses when it comes to the production and automatic release of full ice cubes. For example in canteens, restaurants and cafeterias with self-service, or in hotels and other gastronomy facilities which are offering ice cubes (full ice cones) to their guests literally “in passing” as a special service.

Full ice cones, Ø 27 mm x H 32 mm, weight approx. 18 grams.

Versions and performances:
The space-saving concept has proven to be particularly beneficial. The ice cube dispenser model D 30 EL is only 42 cm wide. And the non-contact – and thus hygienically exemplary – ice cube dispensing function more than meets the self-service requirements.

Both, the table-top model DT 30 El and the floor model D 30 EL, are available in air-cooled version. Their daily performance is approx. 30 kg of full ice cones. The storage bin capacity is also approx. 30 kg.

Model DT 30 EL (left) and Model D 30 EL (right)

More information on the product line Smart Line Dispenser is available in the current brochure here (not available yet).

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