Ice making technology "Made in Germany"!

Crystal-clear, hygienically perfect ice cubes have become indispensable in gastronomy and many other applications. This is why the quality and reliability of ice makers are subject to ever increasing demands.

The quality and reliability of the ice-makers as well as the size and shape of the ice cubes depend decisively on the ice-making technology used.
The wave technology (wave technology) developed and patented by WESSAMAT produces crystal-clear ice cubes (hollow ice cones) permanently and reliably, even with high drinking water hardness, without the need for upstream water treatment.

Compared to other ice-making techniques (e.g. spraying or paddling), wave technology offers decisive advantages:

  • Low energy and water consumption
  • No calcification of spray nozzles and agitators
  • No fault-prone pumps
  • Integrated reservoir with double bottom for the drainage of defrost water
  • Very quiet - no annoying noises. Ideal for use in places frequented by staff, guests and the public

In addition, the shaft technology enables a compact, space-saving design in favour of a larger reservoir volume!

All ice cube makers in the Blue-Line, Top-Line, Combi-Line and Life-Line product lines work according to the wave technology principle.
Both the outer housing and the integrated storage containers are made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a positive effect on the cleaning and hygiene of the ice makers.


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