Cooling types

Anwenderorientierte Kühlung und Installationen von Eisbereitern

The WESSAMAT ice cube makers are available in different versions (cooling types) for different requirements and operating conditions. The Wessamat ice cube makers are offered in three cooling types as standard:

L Series - Air-cooled version:

The air-cooled ice cube makers can be installed wherever sufficient air circulation is ensured. WESSAMAT ice cube makers of the L series can be used as table-top units or free-standing on the floor in rooms with temperatures up to 32°C max. However, it must be ensured that there is sufficient clearance from walls, ceilings and other machines and equipment (see illustration). If these conditions are met, air-cooled ice cube makers have an advantage over water-cooled ice cube makers because no additional water is required for cooling, which has a positive effect on running costs.

Air-cooled, free-standing version (L model series / Top-Line productline)

Minimum distances for the installation of air-cooled, free-standing ice-making machines.

Model series LE - Air-cooled, installable version:

The air-cooled machines (LE models) of the Blue-Line and Top-Line product groups represent a special variant for installation in counters and gastronomic system furniture. These built-in air-cooled ice cube makers have an intelligent ventilation system with integrated cross-flow fan, which prevents the so-called "air short circuit", heat build-up and increased melting of the ice cubes. Contamination from the air is reduced by the long-term adsorber filters installed behind the ventilation grilles. This ensures optimum air circulation even when fully installed in the tightest of spaces.

Air-cooled, fully installable version (LE model series / Top-Line productline)

W Series - Water-cooled version:

The water-cooled ice cube makers of the W series are particularly suitable for installation in counters and system furniture and for use in rooms with high ambient temperatures and humidity. The water-cooled ice cube makers are particularly recommended for use in kitchen areas due to the higher room temperature and the additional fat load. Water-cooled ice cube makers are also recommended in regions with higher ambient temperatures (Southern Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia) instead of air-cooled machines.

Connections for water-cooled, panel-mount or free-standing version (W Series)

Individual cooling variants:
In addition to the standard cooling types (model series L, LE and W, see above), the WESSAMAT ice makers can also be used with other cooling types:

  • Connection to on-site cooling system / central cooling system
  • Air-cooled design with preparation for connection of an external condenser
  • Version with preparation for operation with recooling
  • Version for operation with environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2

Air-cooled ice cube maker W 251 L with external condenser.

Schematic diagram of an air-cooled ice-maker with external condenser (split condenser).

The decision for the respective type of cooling depends on various factors, such as energy costs, water consumption, spatial/constructional conditions as well as room temperatures and climatic conditions.

The WESSAMAT consultants will be happy to advise you.





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