The functional principle of Wave-Technology

The wave technology, which is used in the product groups Blue-Line, Top-Line, Combi-Line and Life-Line, is the guarantor for reliable and lasting function as well as for shapely, crystal clear and hygienically impeccable hollow ice cones. This unique ice making technology enables the ice cube maker to be used without upstream water treatment, even when the drinking water hardness is high.

Representation of ice cube production according to the principle of wave technology

wellentechnik phase1 

The tub integrated in the ice cube maker is automatically filled with the required amount of drinking water before each ice making cycle.

wellentechnik phase2

The water for the ice cube preparation is moved rhythmically in the tub so that uniform wave movements are created. The water molecules first freeze on the evaporator profiles. Impurities (minerals, dirt particles, etc.) remain in the tank and are discharged with the residual water. This produces crystal-clear, hygienically perfect ice cubes.

wellentechnik phase3

Once the ice cubes (hollow ice cones) have reached their defined strength, the ice making process is automatically terminated.

wellentechnik phase4

After completion of the ice cube production, the tank is tilted, the residual water is rinsed out with the impurities and discharged into the drain via drainage channels. At the same time, hot gas is fed into the evaporator profiles so that the ice cubes are loosened and fall into the storage container.


Production of hollow ice cubes by wave technology.

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