Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice

Real crushed ice is recognized by the brilliant ice nuggets which are usually only the result of crushing ice cubes with a crusher device. Crushed ice is ideal for presenting and cooling fresh products (in sales counters of retailers and restaurants) and beverages. Moreover, it is essential for a range of Caribbean cocktails, such as Caipirinha and Mojito. Hygienically impeccable crushed ice creates emotions, refreshes your senses and gives cocktails a unique fresh taste. It is used in presentation and sales counters for displaying fresh products, fruits and refreshments perfectly.

In order to create real crushed ice, crystal-clear, hygienically impeccable hollow ice cones are particularly well suited. However, you can also use full ice cubes and cones for producing crushed ice. After their production, the ice cubes are grinded in an ice crusher (e. g. example model  WESSAMAT C 103 or C 105).

In case of higher requirements, we recommend the use of an ice maker with integrated ice crusher (e. g. product line Combi-Line or Cube-Line). With these machines, the ice cubes are crushed immediately after they have been produced by an integrated ice crusher. Storage of the ice is effected either in a stationary or a mobile ice bin, depending on the chosen model.

With the following product lines you can produce real crushed ice in various quantities:

Product line Crusher (Model C 103 and C 105)

Click here for more information on the compact ice crushers for subsequent grinding of ice cubes.

Product line Combi-Line

Click here for more information on the compact and high-performance ice makers of the product line Combi-Line for the daily production of 80 kg up to 240 kg of crushed ice.

Product line Cube-Line

Click here for more detailed information on ice makers of the product line Cube-Line for the daily production of up to 135 kg of crushed ice.

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