Full square-sized ice cubes

The square-sized ice cube is the classic model among the ice cubes. It has gained a cult status and is considered the embodiment of a typical ice cube among many bar keepers and restaurateurs. Due to its square form and larger mass (when compared to hollow ice cones) it releases melting water slower when cooling beverages and preparing cocktails and drinks, which again results in a long-lasting cooling effect. This has a low impact on the taste of the beverage which is why square-sized ice cubes are preferred in gastronomy for cooling aperitifs or digestifs or when serving “pure” drinks such as “Whisky on the Rocks”.

For the production of square-sized full ice cubes, WESSAMAT is using injection evaporators. The water necessary for the ice preparation is jetted into a grid-like evaporator in which the water freezes into the shape of square-sized full ice cubes.

With the following products you can produce square-sized full ice cubes in various quantities:

Product line Cube-Line

Click here for more information on the ice makers of the product line Cube-Line for the production of square-sized ice cubes and crushed ice for 60 kg up to 240 kg per day

Product line Cube-Line (ice maker IC 1500)

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