In gastronomy, nugget ice is also used as an alternative for real crushed ice. Due to its particular consistency and a temperature of minus 0.5 °C, nugget ice offers very good cooling properties. In case no real crushed ice is at hand or an under-counter crushed ice maker is required (WESSAMAT Nugget ice maker NF 80 W), nugget ice may be used for the preparation of cocktails or for cooling and displaying food and beverages.

The production of nugget ice starts by feeding tap water (or treated water) into a freezing cylinder with auger. A thin ice layer is building up on the inside walls of the freezing cylinder, which is transported upwards by the auger. At the outlet of the freezing cylinder, the ice is being compressed into an ice nugget each of relatively equal form, size and consistency.

With the following nugget ice maker of the product line Flake Line you can produce nugget ice in adequate quantities.

Product line Flake Line/Nugget ice maker

Click here for more information on the compact, integratable nugget ice makers Flake Line NF 80 L/W. 

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