Life-Line W 20

The ice maker for exclusive kitchens.
For people of taste and with high demands.

Following the latest trends, ice cubes become more and more popular. Not only in gastronomy, even in private homes premium ice cubes are the embodiment of lifestyle and good taste. That is because most beverages are only a true refreshment when enjoyed ice cold and many meals become pure pleasure when served on ice.

A treat for your eyes and taste buds: the crystal-clear hollow ice cones of the Life Line W 20, which are produced by the reliable WESSAMAT wave technology “made in Germany”.

Refresh yourself with an ice cold soft drink, ice tea, fruit juice spritzer or home-made lemonade on a hot summer day. Bring your wine and champagne to the optimum drinking temperature in a wine cooler with ice cubes. Finish a stressful day with a whisky “on the rocks” or a Campari on ice.

With the ice maker LifeLine W 20 you can enjoy beverages and meals with all senses. Once in operation, it will provide you with ice cubes 24/7. 365 days a year, if you like.

The ice maker Life Line W 20 is designed with the common dimensions of kitchen appliances and can be perfectly integrated into modern kitchen furnishings and customized interior for individual home decoration.

Not just a functional device but also an optical highlight: The stainless steel front of the Life Line W 20 with glass panel (including lowerable flap door) and blue illuminated storage bin for storing the ice cubes.

All further information on the Life-Line W 20 ice maker can be found in the "Life-Line brochure".

Prices for the ice maker Life Line W 20 are given on request.

Our electrical ice crushers C-103/CB-103 produce premium crushed ice. This device is ready to plug-in and produces brilliant crushed ice out of ice cubes within seconds.

Click here for more information on the ice crushers C 103/CB 103. (not available yet)





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