Micro Cubes

Ice cubes in a convenient smaller format


Small ice cubes for gentle cooling at 0 °C

For 120 to 800 kg per day

With integrated storage bin or mobile ice transportation system

MicroCubeEis mit Rand aus PP32

Micro-cube small ice cubes are produced using a special ice-making technique. Due to the special production process, the square-faced ice cubes with an edge length of approximately 7 x 7 x 7 mm have a temperature of precisely 0°C, lending this ice ideal cooling properties. They have a uniform grain, don’t become glaciated and don’t cake - even when mixed with water. Even when stored for longer they remain capable of being spread and do not stick to the product to be cooled. Compared to scale, flake, or crushed ice, these ice cubes have less sharp edges and are therefore ideally suited for the presentation, storage and transport of foodstuffs.

The square-sized miniature ice cubes are of versatile use, not only in gastronomy, food retail and fish industry, but also in many other branches, e. g. for cooling purposes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in physiotherapy as well as during the production process of meat and pastries in butcher shops , bakeries and in the food industry. Further ideas of use can be found in the chapter „fields of application“.


Unique ice-making technology

Micro Cube

The particular consistency of the Micro-Cube fine ice cubes are based on a unique method, where tap water is chilled down to 0°C in a freezing cylinder.

The ice produced as a result is compressed through a press core. The outputs are square-sized fine ice cubes in a format of approx. 7 x 7 x 7 mm, whose temperature is exactly 0°C.

Frderschnecke aus Combi

Screw conveyor with compression core

M 400 LF aus PP

Model M 400 LF

Reliable control and function display
All models are equipped with an intelligent PLC control. The individual operating states (e. g. ice production, storage bin full, cleaning necessary) are indicated via the display integrated in the front panel with plain text.

Integrated cleaning system
As a standard, the Micro-Cube ice makers are equipped with an integrated cleaning system which facilitates the manual cleaning via a menu-guided program. In addition, all models may be as an option equipped with a CIP cleaning system which carries out the cleaning automatically.

Types of cooling
As a standard, the Micro-cube ice makers are available in air-cooled or water-cooled version or for connection to a locally existing cooling system. The air-cooled models may also be prepared for the connection to a remote condenser. You can find appropriate condensers including speed controllers and fixation brackets under “accessories” in our product catalogue. (not available yet)

Additionally, all models are available for the operation with brine cooling or re-cooling (prices and lead times on request).Alternatively, the ice makers can be supplied with climate-friendly Freon CO2.

Which type of cooling is the best solution depends on the individual requirements and local conditions on site.

Ice transportation systems for convenient ice distribution
The ice makers of the product line Micro Cubes are equipped with an integrated or stationary storage bin as a standard. Moreover, the models are available with a mobile storage bin. Thus, the ice cubes or crushed ice can be transported easily and conveniently to the individual stations where needed.

Micro Cube ice makers are available in different versions and with different production performances.

More information on the product line Micro Cubes can be found in the current brochure here. (not available yet)

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